Happy Birthday, Benedict!

Enjoy probably just looking at the cake.

Felicity admiring the view.

“Rik’s become all soppy in his old age, A soppy bimbo. Since the bump on his head, he has got more emotional, which I find difficult. I’m a northern bloke from Bradford! A year or two after Rik had bumped his head he actually rang me and said, ‘I thought I’d come round for a hug’. I said, ‘What the f*** are you talking about? You are not!’”

Ade on Rik. 

I love Ade and Rik’s friendship. 

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Cute Rik Mayall blooper from 'Bottom'

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"Just shut up and watch the play, right? You leave me alone, we’re never going to get out of South-fucking-hampton…” - Rik Mayall, Bottom Live, The Mayflower Theatre Southampton, 1993

Broken laptop meant I couldn’t make this gifset earlier, but this bit from Bottom Live always delighted me for obvious reasons. RIP Rik.

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found these on ebay, behind the scenes The Young Ones being young once..

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